Providing piano tuning services around the island of mallorca. I am based in Alaro near the centre of the island which has easy access to the North and the South

  • Self Tuning


    With the mallorca climate then entire pitch of a piano is liable to shift. The piano remains more or less in tune with itself but the relationship between individual notes varies. It is not uncommon for pianos on the island , and this particularly applies to locally manufactured pianos, to be tuned up to an entire semitone flat. This makes little difference if you are playing piano on your own at home.
    Tuning all the notes to remain in tune with themselves is easier than shifting the entire tuning back to correct pitch ( A 44 hz ). In addition, the piano should stay in tune for longer if the piano is adjusted to within the prodominant pitch.
  • Pitch Raising


    To put a piano back to the standard pitch can be more work that self tuning a piano. This depends to some extent how much the overall pitch has shifted on the piano.
    Absolute tuning of a piano in this way is important if the piano is used in ensemble particularly with other absolute pitch instruments where the tuning of the instrument is set by the instrument construction. In addition for vocal accompaniment it can be necessary.


  • Self Tuning      : 80 EU
  • Absolute pitch raising : 120 EU